Tabula Rasa

by Sara Hulse

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Debut album by singer/songwriter Sara Hulse


released January 19, 2014

Sara-vocals and ukulele
Derek Leventritt-drums and percussion
Paul Mutzek-guitars,bass,keyboards and percussion
Greg Fiske-Saxophone on Under Your Wing



all rights reserved


Sara Hulse Bethel, New York

Singer, songwriter and playing ukulele, Sara Hulse will draw you into her world with her haunting voice and flowing chords. Her lyrics are profound, thought provoking, melancholy and hilarious all at once. Coming from a classical background, Sara has used her life experience and literary knowledge to develop a sound truly all her own. You cannot help but be drawn in to her music ... more

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Track Name: Trouble
You look at me like I've got something to say,
when all I really ever wanted was to sing on a stage.
Here, after the days light begins to fade..
you can judge me how you want me,
but can't measure no pain on my face.
So, why don't you call me after the show.
I promise not to answer and at least I will know
you thought about me, and willingly so.
I didn't say my voice was going to haunt you
wherever you go.

After all I'm writing songs for open microphones.
Maybe, I'm sick and this is now my only antidote.
I believe you, when you say, maybe I should turn and run away.
He said "I knew that you were trouble just by looking at your hair.

The words, in a way, are disarming me.
Through high water with your ways of charming me.
You know the nights are always long when you're writing a song,
and with the music there' a longing for some eager harmony.
Yeah, maybe I wrote him an unexpected note.
Won't say I'll never get an answer but at least my conscience spoke..
Oh, I may never get an answer man, but at least I can hope.
I pray I won't have to answer after I go.

After all I'm writing songs for open microphones.
Maybe, I'm sick and this is now my only antidote.
I believe you, when you say, maybe I should turn and run away.
He said "I knew that you were trouble just by looking at your hair.
Track Name: Under Your Wing
Oh, take me under your wings and let me sing just like the angels.
Make me think I'm the only one, believe I'm the only one
and disappear after the lights go down.
Show me you are indeed wise, in between my thighs.
I'm looking I see no disguises. Deep inside of your eyes..
and what are they? green, blue, grey, or what? After the party, that lady is luck.
And so what if I love to dance when the music is handsome?
along with the rough hands that acompany them?
Oh, take me under your sun and let me sing just like the thunder.
Let me become whatever is unpredictable. I'm only putty now dear.
I took a big whiff of your scent, as you walked near…
and I swear, all I could think about was how I needed another beer.
It's seems now baby, that we are in the clear. I'll pack our bags up
and head it West, along with our best... How could they have ever left us?

Take me under your wings.. Oh, let me sing like a bird
when it's just heard it has flown just way too high.
Life is only a dream.
Life is just a dream; just a beautiful…
seems like it is just a dream.
Track Name: Good Things
Tell me about your yesterday. I'll make it all okay.
Or tell me you want me to go away.
I'll still stay right here tonight. I think about you every night,
and pray that you will be alright,
that we would be alright.

The way the old days came and went
it seems I'd rather spend them feeling good about things.
So the days I play away instead of making money.(I never have to worry)
I feel good about things.
So good about things, so good, so good. It feels so good.

I'd like to thank you, and its true,
I think you're beautiful from your head down to your roots,
from the toes inside your boots to your smile.
It feels so good. I want to say that I love you,
all the people in this room.

I got an answer for your blues. I'll tell you what to do. Go home and listen to instrumentals.
Write a poem, smoke some ganja, paint a picture, attend a lecture. Create something real that
speaks the truth about you.

Write a song and take a walk. Sing it as you stroll along. It feels good when you sing.
Plant a flower this coming Spring and tell me when it grows do you feel good about it?
So good about it? So good, so good, you knew it would...the way it should.

Tonight, yeah get on up and dance. You always have a chance to put on your partying pants and
put yourself in a happy trance. It's all you have and oddly enough there's no money that can buy
this stuff.
Track Name: Guilty
How do I say? How do I explain? How do I tell you what I did?
Tell you what happened the other day?
How guilty I buried to my nose.
It's so scary and it throws me around.
You can hear it in this sound, hear it in my sound..
So guilty, I am bound. I got some bad news.
A real good reason to sing the blues.

I didn't take your advice. I got a stubborn kind of mind
and now I'm paying a heavy price. Lord, that price aint kind.
The systems got me in its hand. I'm man enough to understand
that I got myself in a terrible jam.There's no booze in my hands tonight.
My hands are red and it's Goddamn right that they're filthy.
I find my image is filthy, since you've condemned me
before I'm proven guilty.

I'm condemned. I am doomed. Conscience stricken,
regretful in my felonious gloom. In error I am blameworthy.
This cell smells and it's so dirty. I can't wash this out when I get out.
When I get bail, I still gotta think about the guilty.

So, now I'm out of the joint but I've got the news to point it out to see.
I know, there's a lot of disappointment. I am unjointed and untying at the seams.
You don't got no rights in that system. If you don't have money
you're shit to them. You got to buy your rights to have freedom.
You better sell your rights to redeem them. So when the red light's start flashing
you better take out your cash when you're guilty.
Track Name: Get Going
So, you're stuck in a cage right? Lost in a daze and nervous from stage fright.
Yeah,yeah, you know we never get old where we go.
Yeah,yeah, you know we can always still grow, so let go.

Some days pass by with out eyes closed, they come and go, come and go, come and go.
Some days are mighty fine, mighty fine. We get high, yeah we get high and we stay low.
Come make fast rhymes that no-one else knows. I'll show you my heart is my only home.
I wanna move like the wind, wherever it blows...wherever my, ever my body will roam.
Yeah,yeah, you know we won't ever get cold where we go.
Yeah,yeah, you know we can always go home, lets get going.

The flood is not cold but it's starting to rain.
The mud is not old but it's hardened today.
I said, my blood is not cold but there's ice in my veins.
My body's not old, but my soul it's pained.
Yeah,yeah, you know we won't ever get cold where we go.
Yeah,yeah, you know we can always go home, lets get going.
Track Name: Magnolia
I've been waiting for so long to meet you.
I've been walking around underneath Magnolia trees.
You're part of the deep endless sea.
You're a stellar part of my creative beats, you're the epitome of all my emotional feats.
And oh how you reach me...

Oh, you forced me to change my ways. Made me the person that I am today.
Baby, you got me in every way. These day's I make music for your happy face.

It's like a permanent flood, you are my tears and my blood, all my perfections in one,
my definition of God, and all my ambitions gone awry, all my missions they're stalled,
my convictions are all right, you're a million in one. I got a whole lot of songs that were
born around wrongs; nothing compares to truth until you came along.
You brought me some meaning, this gleaming star that I'm feeding.
Your backbone grew from mine. Eyes, skin, hair, all in time.
And oh how the stars align. Oh, How the world slips by. And how it turned out fine,
just fine, in fact Sublime.

Oh, you forced me to changed my ways. Made me the person that I am today.
It was rare but I threw away my every single care, to find you in my hair.
Magnolia's everywhere.

My God sent you as an answer to the dances that man planned for, all the fancies that my
hands formed and my lasting stance, so scorned... I may never love another.
No, no beauty can compare, to the Magnolia's in my dreams. The Magnolia's in my hair.
Oh everywhere, everywhere.. Magnolia's everywhere. Yeah, in my sleep, yeah in my dreams,
Magnolia trees.
Track Name: Infinity
Oh, Oh, we'll all be together, assuming time goes on forever.
Baby, when I sing these lines I'm livin' the life,
I'm jammin' all night singing'oh, Oh
Freedom's what you make it, and baby I'm so good at faking it.
I am the master of escaping it.

I don't want to play their game anymore.
Pounding, I've found I'm on the inside door.
It's not locked to the world they can come on in
and take an inventory while they wait to begin.
Maybe, baby, I don't want to be boxed in.
Spread my wings out wide and get caught by the wind.
I want to get on that merry prankster bus again
with the beatnik hippies and all my friends singin'

I don't want to play their game anymore.
See me puking out words on God's bathroom floor.
Well, I am only a girl but I'm a flame burning in this infinity, we are always learning.
They say it was a very different time back then,
but there's no begining and there's no end.
I'm on the now trip baby and that's my thing.
I don't really care what you want me to sing.
I don't really care what you want me to sing.
I don't really care what they tell me to think.
I am just a bird getting caught by the wind.
I am just a girl getting deep in it.
I don't really care if I am not what I seem.
I don't really care if I ever get my drink.
I am just a girl getting lost in it.
I don't really care what you want me to sing.
Track Name: Marigolds
The air it tastes fresh in my mouth. I can taste it inside and out.
The blossoms go straight to my room and breath in the truth. And outside the Earth it could swallow me whole long before
I can get old. The branches hide everything, but don't erase memories.

We run back to the field with our demons, back to the real escape;Freedom. Back where I go.
We become the wanted paths, and surely we've outdone our haunted pasts. Upwardly I come. Never go
when I'm told.

No-one is pulling me down. My life's overflowing with sound. I'm happy in all that I've found and
I'll always be proud. The rain, it can cleanse out the soul. Like pain, it's worth way more than
gold. The flowers are closer to God; Short to have and to hold.
Whatever you love, you are. Embrace it all right from the start.
Timshel to and from everything; That's what I sing.
So, when I see your face, it would be everything. Everything's great.The colors from me and from mine are so bright they could blind.
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa away. In full daylight when he took her to that place. Nothing special to remember,
except the crack in the ceiling by the door.
A little dirt never hurt anyone,nor the grime on the bathroom floor. But she couldn't see anything
but the crack in the ceiling by the door.

And oh, it's so cold. Oh, Oh, it's so cold. Oh, oh, it's so cold where he takes you. Oh, oh, oh, oh

She took a shower at home as hot as the water would go. Told herself it was over but then she
couldn't sleep anymore...and with all the people in the room, she still felt all alone. She took
a walk in the moonlight to a place that she called all her own.

And some nights she slept with one eye open. It's so hard for her to breath when places feel
closed in. She only ever feels safe when she's alone out in space. It's so hard to trust somebody
just by lookin at their face.

She never gets back what's been taken, but at least she still sings.
And she almost never even thinks about the crack in the cieling by the door.
Tabula Rasa away. The seed that's planted's what you see.
But she's beautiful anyway and much stronger than he'll ever hope to be.

But oh, it's still cold. Oh, oh, it's so cold. Oh, Oh, it's so cold when he takes you. Oh, oh, oh, oh